Round-up of iOS universal frameworks with Xcode

If you are looking to share code between projects or distribute a 3rd party framework (such as a product API) a bit of googling will find you a solution. Or two. Or three. The solutions are all similar with some subtle differences. Here I’ve collected the best solutions I’ve found (going back to 2008) and which one worked well for me.

For the impatient, I recommend this iOS universal framework solution.

Career story, trajectory and context

An important aspect of good career management is understanding your career story. Where you came from, where are you now and where you are going. Knowing this is critical to maximizing your market value and communicating that value to others (such as in interviews).

What every software engineer should know: your career is a business

Your career is a business and you should manage it like one. There is a lot to being a great software engineer and therein lies the problem: a focus on the technical (which is important, clearly) but a neglect of business, communication, and management skills needed to be your own career advisor. Without these skills many great, passionate engineers find themselves at a disadvantage working for too little pay or enjoyment. Here are some tips to set you in the right direction managing your career effectively.

It’s your company too, act like an owner

Company ownership is a funny thing. Who really owns the company? Well, it’s probably the guy with risk in one pocket and a checkbook in the other. So your company isn’t exactly a co-op. You don’t have shares or equity. You aren’t a partner. Let’s assume you are at the ‘bottom’ of the company. I propose there is tremendous value in an ownership mentality: this is my company and I’m going to work to make it the kind of company I think it should be.

Changing Dropbox location for 1Password storage

Dropbox is awesome. 1Password is awesome. When their powers combine… it’s awesome. Except if you need to change where 1Password stores it’s file in Dropbox. Here’s a simple way to change that.

Starting Emerging Business Tech meetup with first event on native / HTML5-based mobile apps

I’m extremely excited to announce a new meetup, Emerging Business Technology, lead by myself and sponsored by Cantina Consulting. We’ve tried very hard to make this meetup one that provides a lot of value to it’s members, extremely high quality events and content, and satisfies a need not currently met by other meetups in the Boston area. We’ve already seen rapid growth and intense interest from a wide range of people working in technology.