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New Blood Boston: There's blood in the water, startups are circling

I attended the New Blood Boston event, hosted by Bocoup, which featured and introduced a handful of Boston startups. Awesome food (grilled cheese and good beer) combined with a crowd of some of the most capable people in the boston tech scene made for a great event.


Hopper, recent Montreal imports now located in Central Square, is using big data to bring new options to the already crowded travel industry. Be sure to check out HackReduce, their social coding space with a free-to-use 100 node cluster.


Kinvey, located in Kendall Square, offers “Backend as a Service” (BaaS?) targeted at making “I need somewhere to put the data for my mobile app and an API to query it” easy. It was interesting hearing their initial usage of CouchDB and subsequently dropping it for MongoDB based on customer feedback.

Insight Squared

Insight Squared, located in Central Square, offers data analytics for small- and medium-sized businesses. Bryan Stevenson gave a nice talk on overcoming the challenges or highly dynamic querying on big, tabular data.

Objective Logistics

Objective Logistics, located in Kendall Square, attempts to increase labor force yield through stats, competition, and incentives. Matthew Grace gave an excellent talk; if I had a labor force I’d be signing up.

Lucky Labs

Lucky Labs, located in Kendall Square, uses high concurrency and big data to target the mobile, commodity gaming market.


ABINE, who just left Central Square for Fort Point, offers consumers privacy on the internet. That’s no small technical feat with challenges at all levels of the stack.


GrabCAD, formerly of Estonia and now located in Kendall Square, offers mechanical engineers a place to share models and collaborate.


PowerInbox turns boring, static email into interactive, useful applications.

Do you know of any new startups in Boston?

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