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Starting Emerging Business Tech meetup with first event on native / HTML5-based mobile apps

I’m extremely excited to announce a new meetup, Emerging Business Technology, lead by myself and sponsored by Cantina Consulting. We’ve tried very hard to make this meetup one that provides a lot of value to it’s members, extremely high quality events and content, and satisfies a need not currently met by other meetups in the Boston area. We’ve already seen rapid growth and intense interest from a wide range of people working in technology.

From the meetup description:

This meetup provides engineers, practitioners and managers the context needed to evaluate and adopt rapidly evolving business technologies. Leave with an understanding of what the technology is, why it’s used, when to use it, and next steps to take. We’ll review use cases, processes, tools, and practices in a mini-conference format through short presentations, hands-on tutorials, Q&A; and code walkthroughs.

Topics may include Mobile app development, HTML5, responsive design, high-concurrency applications, interaction design, modern languages and frameworks, NoSQL databases, and mobile / tablet application design.

The first event, Native and HTML5-based mobile: strategies for mobile app development, has been scheduled and will be an awesome event. We’ve got 3 or 4 sessions by some awesome speakers planned, both from inside Cantina and from outside vendors. It’s a free event so check it out if you have any interest in strategies for developing mobile apps.