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Updating a DIV with partials after remote AJAX form submit in Rails 3

Here’s a simple way to submit a remote AJAX form in Rails 3 rendering a partial into a specific DIV on the page without marshaling content into JSON or creating the DOM manually.

Following the model of Unobtrusive JavaScript (UJS) we’ll create a form POSTing remotely using AJAX. The return of the form will be the rendered result of a partial.

We start with the form to submit.

:remote => true indicates this should submit via AJAX. ":'data-update-target' => 'update-container'" creates a data attribute with the ID of the element to update after submit.

Elsewhere in the page we’ll create the DIV to update (which could contain the form itself).

To handle the return we’ll add an event listener on the ajax:success event on any forms with the data-update-target attribute. This allows nicely supporting this functionality across the whole of the application and easily enabling it by adding the attribute.

A few notes on this:

  • We’ve used the live() method to re-register the event handler for AJAX forms returned by the form submit.
  • We could have allowed the value of the attribute to be a CSS selector rather than an ID if the flexibility were needed.

On the server side we’ll create a handler in our controller:

The content to be rendered should go in /app/views/[controllername]/_preview.html.erb. Without the content_type specified the content was expected to be JSON.

How have you extended Rails with unobtrusive JavaScript?