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Logo Lifter launched for easier creation of blog post featured images

Introducing http://logolifter.com, a free and simple tool for more easily creating images for blog posts and other content. Search for what you want, drag the images onto a canvas, customize, and download. This project came out of wanting good, relevant, unique images for blog posts and avoiding stock photos.

UPDATE: The project is now on github.

While the name suggests it’s meant for logos, it could be used for any kind of content pulling in other images. Search for “kitten” and you’ll see what I mean.

It allows you to currently do the following:

  • Instantly search for images of various sizes (using Google image search)
  • Drag multiple search results into a single image
  • Arrange the images to your liking including auto-arrangements (horizontal and vertical), resizing all images to the same size, and adding padding to the outside of the image
  • Downloading the resulting image

Let me know if you have any feature comments. I’d love to hear feedback from people using it.